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Poker machines are the second-leading cause of crime in the community, after the illegal drug trade.

Poker machines contribute to Australia’s shocking suicide rate.

Having poker machines in a suburb increases the rate of domestic violence in that suburb.

Using a gambler’s membership card opens up the potential to bet as fast as a gambler can press the play button.


More pokies = more suicides

Poker machines contribute to Australia’s shocking suicide rate.

That’s not opinion.

That is a well-researched fact.

A study by the Victorian Coroners Court found that gambling addiction, primarily to poker machines, was a leading cause of suicide. 

Another study by the Alfred Hospital found that 1 in 5 people who were taken to the hospital after a suicide attempt said they were trying to kill themselves because of their gambling addiction.  And the people able to report the reason behind their suicide attempt were the ones who survived.

More pokies = more bashed women

It’s a little known fact that just having poker machines in a suburb increases the rate of domestic violence in that suburb.

This shocking fact is contained in an Australian University Study which came out in 2016.

It found that when you factor out all other social stresses that can increase domestic violence, the presence of poker machines actually increases domestic violence in that suburb.


So if you are against domestic violence, you must be against poker machines.

More pokies = more (violent) crime

Poker machines are the second-leading cause of crime in the community, after the illegal drug trade.

This was the finding of a University of South Australia study, which was commissioned by the Victorian Government.

Another study found poker machines were a leading cause of embezzlement and theft from employees of small businesses.

If you don’t want a local drug dealer setting up in your street, you probably don’t want a poker machine venue opening up anywhere near you either.

Poker machine venues are also targets of violent robberies because of their relatively poor security when compared to modern day banks, for example.  Poker machine venues are seen by criminals as a soft target.

Australians and Betting

Australians gamble a lot. Compared to other countries, we also lose a lot.


The short answer is that Australia’s betting industry is one of the most cynical and arguably sinister in the world. To give you one example, most people don’t realise that addictive, computer-driven poker machines are an Australian invention.

Every poker machine that is highly addictive in the world is either Australian designed, or a knock-off of an Australian design.

Australia exports addiction

Bad Bets Australia exists to show which bets are rigged, how they are rigged and who is doing the rigging.

Sports-gambling in Australia doesn’t cause quite as much devastation as poker machines – yet.

But it is the fastest-growing type of gambling in Australia, and it could permanently damage the sporting codes we love.

The clear target market for most sports betting advertising is young adult males. Strategies include using celebrity role models, attractive female presenters and models, and the repositioning of sports betting as an activity for successful, professional young men.

Sports betting in Australia is widely advertised, easily accessible, growing exponentially and is highly profitable.


Grooming our kids to become gamblers

Because of the public backlash against gambling ads during sporting events, the Australian federal government recently banned gambling ads from “siren to siren.”

This means commercial TV can’t show gambling ads while a game is actually being played and being broadcast.

But you only have to turn on the TV to see there are still plenty of sports-gambling ads before and after the game, and at other times.

The ads aren’t off our TV screens and our kids are still seeing them.

And it’s only going to get worse as sports are streamed online in the future.  Historically governments have failed to properly oversee online advertising standards in the same way they have done so for commercial television.

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